Turtle Room

Chico Infant Center

Castles Preschool offers an infant program that not only meets the needs of your infants, but allows them to be on their own schedule. We provide formula, cereals, and foods for infants under one year, as well as a full menu for those that are 1-2 years old. The babies are on their own sleeping and eating schedules, and those who are 1-2 years start to be on the same eating and sleeping schedule for their later transition to our 2 year old room. We like to meet needs of parents who wish to visit their baby for breastfeeding time. We allow a private area for mothers to drop in and have their one on one time with their child on their lunch breaks, etc. All of the babies are interacted with in appropriate play for their age and development. As babies grow to sit up and crawl, more activities are planned for them. The lead teacher does finger painting activities, short story times, and song circles. A cubby is provided for your child’s items, such as extra clothes, diapers, and wipes. Each day the teachers provide a daily report card stating the information relating to diaper change times, eating times, and sleeping times. This is done to allow each parent to know what went on with their child for the day, and gives a sense of experiencing their child’s day.

Daily Schedule

7:00-9:00 - Arrival and Breakfast

9:00 - Walk Time in Stroller (When Nice Outside)

9:30 - Play Time & Outside Play

10:00 - Circle Time with Stories/Songs

11:00 - Lunch

11:30 - Nap Time for those on Regular Schedules

1:00 - Regular Nappers Wake Up

2:00 - Snack

2:30 - Painting/Art

3:00 - Play Time & Outside Play

4:00 - Circle Time with Stories/Songs

4:30 - More Play Time/Discovery, Music

5:30 - Pick Up & Home

*All Babies have their diapers check every hour to be sure they are dry. They are changed as needed and this is marked on their daily.

*All Babies under a year have access to food and bottles as needed throughout the day. This is marked on the dailies as well.

*All Babies over a year are on the regular food program and eat solids at meal times. All children have access to water throughout the day. All meals are marked on the children’s daily schedules.

*Babies on their own schedule are accommodated and pretty much do as they wish through out the day with teachers caring for them appropriately. Times they eat, sleep and are changed, are marked on their dailies.